3.4.5. Removal and installation of a nave of a back wheel

Fig. 3.119. Knocking-out of a fillet of a lock-nut of a nave of a wheel

Beat out the bent part of a lock-nut outside a small chisel and the hammer (fig. 3.119).
Block a nave, having pressed a brake.
Turn off a lock-nut.

The rotor of the sensor of anti-blocking system of brakes is removed only in case of its replacement.

Fig. 3.120. Removal of a rotor of the ABS sensor

By means of a chisel remove a rotor of the ABS sensor (fig. 3.120).

Fig. 3.121. Correct installation of a rotor of the ABS sensor: 1 – wheel nave; 2 – ABS sensor rotor

To establish a rotor of the ABS sensor orient special adaptation so that marking In was turned (fig. 3.121) down.

Fig. 3.122. ABS sensor rotor press fitting

Press a new rotor of the sensor with use of special adaptation and a press (fig. 3.122).

Fig. 3.123. Installation of a new lock-nut

Establish a new lock-nut and stop it, as shown in the figure 3.123.