5.3.2. Removal, check and installation of a steering wheel and steering column


the shchatelny valve of control directing liquid from the pump of the hydraulic booster of steering to one or other party of the piston of a gear lath of the steering mechanism. The piston and a gear lath make one integral part of the steering mechanism. The piston of a gear lath transforms liquid pressure to the linear force which moves a lath on the left or to the right.
This force is transmitted through steering drafts and tips of steering drafts on rotary fists which turn forward wheels. At malfunction of the hydraulic booster driving is exercised in the usual mode. However at the same time it is necessary to make bigger effort. Rotary motion of a steering wheel is transferred to a gear wheel. At rotation of a gear wheel its teeths are hooked with lath teeths, thereby forcing a lath to move.

Fig. 5.10. Components of a steering column: 1 – safety cushion module; 2 – lock-nut; 3 – steering wheel; 4 – facing of a steering column; 5 – spiral spring; 6 – the combined switch; 7 – lower panel; 8 – steering shaft; 9 – hinge cover; 10 – dustproof cover; 11 – bolts of fastening of the mechanism of blocking of steering; 12 – steering blocking mechanism detail