6.1. General information

Safety pedal of a brake
Vacuum amplifier of brakes
Main brake cylinder
Pressure regulator
Sensor of level of brake fluid
Anti-blocking system of brakes (ABS)
Management of dynamic stability
Control lamp of DSC
DSC system switch, control lamp of shutdown of the DSC system
Integrated sensor of management of dynamic stability
DSC HU/CM block of system of dynamic stability
Management of emergency brake application
Local network of the controller (CAN)
Onboard diagnostics

The cars described in the management are equipped with the brake system with the hydraulic drive. Forward brakes disk, back brakes – disk or drum. All brakes are equipped with automatic adjustment of gaps of brake shoes. Wear of blocks of forward disk brakes is compensated automatically, for a back disk brake the mechanism of adjustment of a gap of blocks is provided.
The hydraulic system consists of two separate contours. The main brake cylinder includes separate tanks for two contours, in case of leak of liquid or damage to one of hydraulic drives another remains acting. The double regulator of pressure distributes hydraulic pressure between forward and back brake mechanisms for the purpose of prevention of blocking of back wheels. The warning of the insufficient level of brake fluid moves the control lamp activated by the sensor in a tank of the main brake cylinder.

Fig. 6.1. Brake contour of the Mazda 3 car: 1 – cars with the left arrangement of steering; 2 – cars with the right arrangement of steering; 3 – brake pedal; 4 – main cylinder; 5 – amplifier of brakes; 6 – forward brake mechanism (disk); 7 – back brake mechanism (disk); 8 – without anti-blocking system of brakes; 9 – double limiter of pressure