8.2.7. Removal and installation of a forward door

Disconnect a negative wire from the rechargeable battery.
To remove the limiter of opening of a door, remove the following elements:
– internal finishing;
– the window regulator handle (cars with mechanical window regulators);
– overlay of a forward door;
– loudspeaker of a forward door.
To remove forward door loops, remove the following elements:
– the windshield screen wiper lever with a brush;
– front guard lattice;
– front bumper;
– the forward combined headlights;
– a side molding (cars with a side molding);
– panel of a forward wing.

Fig. 8.19. Removal of a forward door: 1 – socket; 2 – forward door loop; 3 – forward door; 4 – limiter of opening of a door

Remove in the order shown in the figure 8.19.
Wring out a rubber cover back.

Fig. 8.20. Removal of the socket

Uncover in the direction designated by an arrow, and disconnect the socket (fig. 8.20).
Establish as it should be, the return to removal.
Adjust a forward door.