d22f196b Instructions for start of the engine at reenrichment of fuel-air mix (the petrol engine)

If the engine is not started, then reenrichment of fuel-air mix (the excessive amount of fuel came to combustion chambers of the engine) and hit of fuel on spark plugs is the possible reason.
To start the engine in a similar situation, execute the following.
1. Completely press a pedal of an accelerator and hold it in the pressed situation.
2. Turn the ignition switch in situation "START" (starter) and hold it in this situation to 10 pages. If the engine was started, immediately release the switch of a starter and a pedal of an accelerator. If not to make it at once, the frequency of rotation of a shaft of the engine will sharply increase.
3. If the engine was not started during the work of a starter with completely pressed accelerator pedal, after a 10-second pause include a starter, without pressing an accelerator pedal. Scroll a bent shaft a starter during 10 with or before launch of the engine.