1.1. Description of the car

Dimensions and general view of the car
Technical characteristics
Identification data of the car
 Identification plate of the car
 Identification number of the car (number of the chassis)
 Number of the engine
 The plate with the recommended air pressure in tires
Podkapotny space
Filling capacities of units and systems. The recommended operational materials
 The recommended fuel
 Recommendations about the choice of viscosity of engine oil
 Coolant of the air conditioning system
Keys, locks of doors, hatch, anticreeping system
 Folding key
 Remote control of the central lock автомобиляз
 Wearable card "Advanced Key"
 Maintenance of the wearable card "Advanced Key"
 Area of coverage of the wearable card "Advanced Key"
 Locking unlocking of doors, trunk lid and back lifting door
 Launch of the engine
 The remote control which is built in the wearable card "Advanced Key"
 Maintenance of the remote control
 Replacement of a battery of the remote control
 Locking and unlocking of locks key
 Locking and unlocking of doors by means of the internal button of blocking
 Central electric lock, prevention of locking of locks
 Blocking of locks of back doors from opening from interior of the car
 Back door of the luggage compartment (cars with a body "hatchback")
 Locking and unlocking of a door of the luggage compartment by means of a key
 Opening of a back door of the luggage compartment
 Closing of a back door of the luggage compartment
 Luggage compartment
 Trunk lid (cars with a body "sedan")
 Opening of a trunk lid pressing the cylinder of a larva of the lock
 Plafond of lighting of the luggage compartment
 Locking and unlocking of locks by means of buttons in external handles
 Function of automatic locking of locks
 Opening and closing of a cowl
 The hatch on a roof
 Raising of the rear edge of a cover of the hatch
 Longitudinal movement of a cover of the hatch
 Sun-protection shutter of the hatch on a roof
 Hatch and cover of a filling mouth of the fuel tank
Governing bodies and combination of devices
 Combination of devices
 Modes of switching of indications of the odometer
 Index of temperature of cooling liquid
 The index of level of fuel in a tank
 Illumination of a combination of devices
 Signaling devices and indicators, the sound warning signals
 The display of a light signaling device of not fastened seat belts
 Sound signaling devices
 Alarm light system
 Central understeering switch of external lighting
 Light sensor
 Headlights with xenon lamps
 Distant-near modes of switching of light of headlights
 Control lever indexes of turn
 Switch of light of forward fog lights
 Switch of light of back fog lights
 Windshield washers
 Cleaner of back glass (cars with a body "hatch-back")
 Washer of back glass (cars with a body "hatch-back")
 Heater of back glass
 Lighter and ashtray
 Box for gloves and small baggage
 Ware office in the central console
 Cargo loops in the luggage compartment ("hatchback")
 Antisolar peaks
 Plafonds of illumination of salon
 Plafonds of individual lighting
 Power windows
 Opening and closing of windows with power windows outside of the car
 External rear-view mirrors
 Adjustment of rear-view mirrors
 Folding of rear-view mirrors
 Internal rear-view mirror
 Reduction of the blinding action of headlights
Information display
 Indication of indications of time
 Index of temperature of air
Electronic immobilizer (anticreeping system)
 Security alarm system (additional equipment)
 Conditions of operation of the sound alarm system (autonomous siren)
 Turning on of the alarm system in the protection mode
 Shutdown of the sensor of penetration into the car
 Removal of the alarm system from the protection mode
 Switching off of an alarm signal
 Marking of existence on the car of the security alarm system
Heater, conditioner and system of ventilation of interior of the car
 Adjustment of ventilating deflectors
 Hand-operated air conditioning system
 Heating mode
 Air cooling mode
 Ventilation mode
 Mode of an obduv of a windshield
 The air drainage mode (with turning on of the conditioner of air)
 Automatic control system of a microclimate
 The air recirculation mode (the indicator is switched on)
 The forced ventilation mode (the indicator is switched off)
 Work of an automatic control system of a microclimate
 Sensor of solar radiation and sensors of temperature
 General recommendations about operation of the conditioner
Lever of the drive of the parking brake system
 Signaling device of malfunction of the brake system or indicator of turning on of the parking brake
 Check of operation of the parking brake
 Adjustment of a steering wheel
 Removable antenna
 Adjustment of longitudinal provision of seats
 Adjustment of an inclination of a seatback
 Adjustment of a driver's seat on height
 Adjustment of a lumbar support (driver's seat)
 Adjustment of head restraints
 Electroheating of seats
 Folding of a back of a back seat
 Return of backs of a back seat to vertical position
 Clamp of a back of a back seat (cars with a body "sedan")
 Adjustment of head restraints of back seats on height
 Installation of a head restraint into the central passenger seat on back sitting