d22f196b Removal

Fig. 3.103. Knocking-out of a fillet of a lock-nut of a nave of a wheel

Beat out the bent part of a lock-nut outside a small chisel and the hammer (fig. 3.103).
Block a nave having pressed a brake.
Turn off a lock-nut.

Fig. 3.104. Removal of a nave of a wheel from a drive shaft

Place a nave assembled in a vice. Remove a wheel nave from a drive shaft, using special devices (fig. 3.104).
If the internal ring of the bearing remained on a wheel nave axis, cut through an internal ring of the bearing to residual thickness, (about 0,5 mm).

Fig. 3.105. Removal of an internal ring of the bearing

After that remove a ring a chisel (fig. 3.105).

Fig. 3.106. Removal of the hug bearing

Remove the wheel bearing, using special devices (rice 3.106).

Fig. 3.107. Marking of a casing of a nave and rotary fist

Mark the protection cover and a rotary fist for further installation (fig. 3.107).

Fig. 3.108. Removal of the protection cover of a nave

By means of a chisel remove the protection cover (fig. 3.108).

Fig. 3.109. Removal of bolts of a nave

Establish a nave in a press and remove bolts (fig. 3.109).

Bolts of a nave should be removed only in case of their replacement.