d22f196b Installation

Remove a rust and dirt from a contact surface of a brake disk and a nave of a wheel.
Combine the tags made before removal and establish a brake disk on a wheel nave.
Establish a brake shoe (outer side) on a support.
Clear an open part of the piston.

Fig. 6.54. Installation of the piston of the brake cylinder

Slowly rotating the piston clockwise with use of special adaptation drown it completely inside (fig. 6.54).

Fig. 6.55. Scheme of installation of a spring of a brake shoe

Combine a spring of a brake shoe (inside) with a piston groove, and insert it in the direction of an arrow (fig. 6.55).
Establish a brake shoe (inside) in a support.
Install other components as it should be, the return to removal.
After installation several times press a pedal of a brake and check the following:
– piston stroke of the lever of the parking brake;
– prikhvatyvany brakes.