d22f196b https://lehome.ru/katalog/kresla/ The forced ventilation mode (the indicator is switched off)

Use this mode in normal traffic conditions, and also for removal of condensate from a windshield.

Do not include the mode of recirculation of air in cold or rainy weather: it leads to fogging of windows. Deterioration in conditions of the review can become the reason of the heavy road accident.

Fig. 1.110. Button of a conclusion to the air temperature display

Press the AMV button to bring temperature of air (fig. 1.110) to the display.
Indications on the display can differ from the valid temperature of air depending on surrounding conditions and a condition of the car. Press the AMV button (air temperature) once again to switch the display to the mode of indication of air temperature in salon which is set for a control system of a microclimate.

Switch of an obduv of a windshield.
Press the switch to remove moisture condensate from a windshield and side glasses.