1.1.7. Governing bodies and combination of devices

Combination of devices
Modes of switching of indications of the odometer
Index of temperature of cooling liquid
The index of level of fuel in a tank
Illumination of a combination of devices
Signaling devices and indicators, the sound warning signals
The display of a light signaling device of not fastened seat belts
Sound signaling devices
Alarm light system
Central understeering switch of external lighting
Light sensor
Headlights with xenon lamps
Distant-near modes of switching of light of headlights
Control lever indexes of turn
Switch of light of forward fog lights
Switch of light of back fog lights
Windshield washers
Cleaner of back glass (cars with a body "hatch-back")
Washer of back glass (cars with a body "hatch-back")
Heater of back glass
Lighter and ashtray
Box for gloves and small baggage
Ware office in the central console
Cargo loops in the luggage compartment ("hatchback")
Antisolar peaks
Plafonds of illumination of salon
Plafonds of individual lighting
Power windows
Opening and closing of windows with power windows outside of the car
External rear-view mirrors
Adjustment of rear-view mirrors
Folding of rear-view mirrors
Internal rear-view mirror
Reduction of the blinding action of headlights

Fig. 1.48. Controls of the Mazda 3 car: 1 – switch of blocking of power windows; 2 – control panel of power windows; 3 – switch of the proofreader of headlights; 4 – dashboard illumination regulator; 5 – switch of the antistrange DSC system; 6 – central switch of lighting and control lever indexes of turn; 7 – combination of devices; 8 – inflatable safety cushions and inflatable blinds; 9 – control lever screen wipers and washers; 10 – governing bodies of system cruise control; 11 – switch of the alarm light system; 12 – information display; 13 – control panel of the audio system; 14 – cover of a glove box; 15 – central console; 16 – lever of the parking brake; 17 – coasters; 18 – the lever of the switch of ranges of automatic transmission (option of execution of the car – Sport AT); 19 – lever of switching of the mechanical transmission; 20 – lighter; 21 – switch of an electric heater of back glass; 22 – ashtray; 23 – control panel of a microclimate; 24 – ignition switch; 25 – lever of a clamp of an adjustable steering column; 26 – the governing bodies of the audio system located on a steering wheel; 27 – handle of remote unlocking of the hatch of a filling mouth; 28 – handle of unlocking of the lock of a cowl; 29 – switch of electric adjustment of rear-view mirrors

Controls of the Mazda 3 car are shown in fig. 1.48.