d22f196b Opening and closing of a cowl

Fig. 1.37. Lever of opening of a cowl

To unlock the cowl lock, pull for the handle located to the left of a steering column (fig. 1.37). The car at the same time has to be not mobile.

Fig. 1.38. Pad of a latch of blocking of the lock of a cowl

Take aside a latch pad for an unblocking of the lock and open a cowl (fig. 1.38).

Fig. 1.39. Fastening of a persistent rack of a cowl: 1 – persistent rack of a cowl; 2 – holder of a rack; 3 – slip

Take a persistent rack for a slip (fig. 1.39).

Fig. 1.40. A nest for the top end of a persistent rack: 1 – holder of a rack; 2 – persistent rack of a cowl

Insert the top end of a persistent rack into a nest on a cowl (fig. 1.40).
Before closing of a cowl examine a motor compartment and check that all filling mouths were closed by covers and all foreign objects (for example, tools, containers with oil, etc.) are removed from a motor compartment.
Holding a cowl in the lifted situation, lower a persistent rack and fix it in the holder. Before closing a cowl, check that the persistent rack was recorded in the holder.
Close a cowl so that the lock was reliably locked.