d22f196b Check of level of engine oil

1. Make sure that the car costs on the flat horizontal platform.
2. Warm up the engine up to the normal working temperature.
3. Kill the engine and wait not less than 5 min. that oil flew down in the pallet.

Fig. 1.172. Masloizmeritelny probe of the petrol engine

4. Take out the control oil probe, wipe it dry and again insert the probe against the stop (fig. 1.172).
5. Once again take out the oil probe and check on it oil level. Normal level of oil in the engine corresponds to range between tags of the maximum and minimum level. If the level of oil is about the lower minimum tag or below it, it is necessary to add to a tag of the maximum level.
6. Before inserting the oil probe into the engine, be convinced that the sealing ring on the probe is in the place.
Change of level of oil between tags on the oil probe corresponds to a doliv or an expense of the following volume of oil.

Switching to the lowest transfer