d22f196b Conditions of operation of the sound alarm system (autonomous siren)

The siren gives faltering signals and all indexes of turn blink during about 25 with if the security alarm system finds the following:
– opening of a door after unlocking of the lock by means of a key;
– opening of a trunk lid by means of a key;
– violent opening of a door, cowl or back lifting door;
– opening of a door, trunk lid or cowl by means of the internal button of blocking of locks or the handle of unlocking of the lock of a cowl;
– the switch of ignition is turned in the provision of "ON" (ignition is included) without ignition key;
– the sensor of penetration found a mobile object in interior of the car.
The security alarm system turns on repeatedly (to 10 times) if there is one of the operation reasons given above.