d22f196b Shutdown of the sensor of penetration into the car

In the listed below cases it is necessary, having turned on the security alarm system, to switch-off the penetration sensor (it will exclude unjustified operations of the security alarm system):
– in the car there was a mobile object;
– in the car there was a subject which can be rolled on salon at a car list (for example when the car is installed on the deck of the ferry);
– near the car metal objects, for example the portal of the automatic jet washer move.
To switch-off the penetration sensor, press the button of shutdown of the sensor located on the remote control, not later 20 with after the locking button was pressed.
At the same time lamps of indexes of turn will blink three times.
Again to turn on the penetration sensor, remove the alarm system from the mode of protection on duty and then turn on the alarm system. The sensor of penetration is activated at each turning on of the security alarm system in the mode on duty. In order that the sensor of penetration did not work, at each turning on of the alarm system in the mode of protection press the button shutdowns of the sensor on the remote control.