d22f196b Heater of back glass

The electric heater of back glass is intended for removal of hoarfrost, condensate of water and a thin ice crust.
The electric heater of back glass functions if the switch of ignition is in the provision of "ON" (ignition is included).

Fig. 1.76. Location of the switch of a heater of back glass (options of execution And yes B)

Press the switch to include an electric heater of back glass. The electric heater joins approximately for 10–15 min. and then is automatically switched off. During the work of an electric heater the corresponding indicator (fig. 1.76) burns.
Forcibly to switch off an electric heater before the expiration of 10-15 min., press the switch once again.

The electric heater of back glass is not intended for removal from snow glass. If on back glass snow lies, before inclusion of an electric heater purify glass of it manually.